Capturing Lost Sales: How to Re-Engage Customers with Automated Checkout Recovery in Wix

May 10, 2024

Online shopping carts are often filled and then abandoned, leaving businesses wondering what went wrong. The reasons vary from unexpected costs, such as shipping, to simply getting distracted. However, not all hope is lost. With Wix's automation capabilities, you can re-engage those customers who left without completing their purchase by sending them an automated chat message with an incentive to return. This blog explores how to set up an automated recovery strategy that sends a chat message with a 5% coupon code to users who've abandoned their checkout or any message of your choice.

Understanding Checkout Abandonment:

Before diving into the solution, it's important to understand the phenomenon of checkout abandonment. On average, over 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. Key reasons include high extra costs, mandatory account creation, complicated checkout process, or just life getting in the way. By addressing these concerns and offering incentives to return, businesses can recover a significant portion of lost sales.

Setting Up Your Wix Automation

Step 1: Create New Automation From Dashboard

On your site dashboard, Open Automations, then click on New Automation. Then Click on "Create From Scratch" In the following pop up.

Step 2: Setting the Trigger

The next step is to setup the automation.

For that, first of set a name of the automation. Here, We gave the name "Checkout Abandoned Chat".

Next, Set the Trigger as shown in the image. Select "Wix Store" > "Checkout Abandoned". Also set the frequency.

Step 3: Setting the Action

In the Action, Select, "Send a chat message".

Step 4: Setting the Message

In the message input field, set the message you would like your customer to see along with coupon code you have created.

Step 5: Activating Automation

After you've set all the actions, click on activate to start your automation instantly.

Benefits of Automated Checkout Recovery:

Increased Conversion Rate: Recovering abandoned carts directly contributes to an increase in sales. Even a small percentage of recovered carts can significantly impact revenue.

Enhanced Customer Experience: By offering a discount, you're not only incentivizing a return but also creating a positive experience that can lead to future loyalty and purchases.

Data Insights: Implementing this strategy provides valuable data. You can track how many customers return to purchase and adjust your tactics accordingly.

Best Practices for Checkout Recovery Automation:

Segment Your Audience: Not all customers are the same. Segment your audience based on their behavior or purchase history to tailor the message and offer.

Test and Optimize: Use A/B testing for different messages and timings to see what works best with your audience.

Respect Privacy and Preferences: Ensure that your communications are in line with privacy regulations and that users have an easy way to opt-out of future messages.

Summing up..

Abandoned checkouts are a challenge but also an opportunity. With Wix's automation tools, you can create a powerful strategy to engage and recover lost customers. By understanding your audience, crafting a compelling message, and offering a small incentive, you can turn abandoned carts into completed purchases and one-time visitors into loyal customers.

Don't let another sale slip through the cracks. Implement an automated checkout recovery strategy today and watch as your abandoned carts turn into revenue.

Schedule a Meeting With Us, if you need any help. Happy Automating ☺️